Bringing humanity back into business

We use empathy, vulnerability, emotional intelligence and story-telling to shift culture and customer service

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Rebuild culture from the centre, out

Connect your employees to your vision and direction

The way you communicate your culture and your vision is the foundation of employee experience. Your employee culture is probably the most important driver of business impact.

ReadyPeople offers services focused on the true drivers of change and innovation—the way people work together—to help companies solve their most pressing problems.

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Connections Matter

Break down silos

Get teams on the same page faster with our game changing approach to improving communication.

Build better customer experiences

It's no secret that employee experience dictates customer experience. Learn how shifting culture and communication seeps into superb customer service experience.

Improve business outcomes

Your investment in better human connections makes your business better at solving customer problems, delivering results straight to the bottom line.

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What People Say


ReadyPeople is insightful and engaged openly. Their manner of communicating succeeded in getting my entire team involved. 

Michael Dobie, Henkel

Our Services



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Culture and Change Consulting

Our consulting focuses on shifting culture through effective communication  


We specialise in courses focusing on human-to-human connection. Our courses build better teams on a foundation of better connections.


Focus on setting, tracking, and achieving goals within the context of a team's or an individual's role in a business.