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Helping leaders and teams perform more effectively.

At ReadyPeople Training & Coaching Consultancy Consultancy, we work with you to improve leadership and team effectiveness and drive organisational success.   

The business world needs more empathetic, logical, intuitive, mindful and transformative leaders.


Our goal?


To make sure your leaders and teams are empowered, aligned and equipped to navigate a world where human emotional intelligence trumps artificial intelligence.

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Your people power your business

That's why we work with leaders and teams to build healthy, results-driven relationships using proven methodologies rooted in Transactional Analysis, Functional Fluency and Emotional Intelligence.

We are not a one-size-fits-all company. We love to get to know our clients first, do a bit of a deep dive into the areas of concern, and build a solution that will be effective and sustainable for you.


We like to see ourselves as your behaviour change partners, getting alongside you to build a powerful and healthy team.


What we offer

Leadership & Team Development Training

We offer various corporate training solutions focusing on leadership development, customer experience and sales. 

We offer in-house or online traning.

Executive and Leadership Coaching


Leadership can be a lonely journey. We work with you as thinking partners to make you more potent in your leadership. 

Coaching can be done online.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments (TIFF)

A TIFF profile is an an award-winning emotional intelligence behavioural assessment. The profile is used as a powerful tool to improve where you are focusing your energy.

Keynote Speaking and Emceeing


Clive Vanderwagen is a TEDx speaker and offers keynote addresses and emceeing. Topics include 'Bringing Humanity Back...', 'The Potent Leader',  'Showing Up and In', and more. 

Some of our industry leading clients

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What our amazing clients say

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I have never attended such a helpful, positive and effective team day.


Your insight, empathy, authenticity and genuine care for each member of our team and for our team as a whole was touching and incredibly powerful.

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