Coaching Services

Focus on setting, tracking, and achieving your goals 

Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes!

ReadyPeople's coaching services give people a set of tools to achieve massive change as they travel a path to self-improvement.

We offer development coaching, leadership coaching, team coaching, and Enneagram coaching.

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Positive impacts of coaching


Our coaching offerings

One-on-one coaching

Having a private coach will help you see that your goals are attainable. When you have someone who believes in you, understands your work, and is there for you, it can make a significant difference in your life. A great coach can make your goals feel achievable—no matter what obstacles may come your way. 

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Team Meeting

Team coaching

Coaching doesn’t have to be a one-on-one process. Just like coaching a sports team, getting a team together to define their goals, how they want to work, and how to generate results can be incredibly powerful. 

Using open dialogue, forward-thinking, and strategising a coach can facilitate the dynamics between the team, and create accountability in getting the team to work cohesively and effectively.

Self awareness coaching

Sometimes there are team members who have so much potential, but really struggle to integrate with the team culture. This high impact intervention gives them a real chance at success

Using an assessment to identify how one shows up, clients have four on-on-one sessions that open one's eyes to it and give them the tools to support a genuine change. 

Will make you more effective in building long-lasting, positive relationships with colleagues and clients.  


You’ll walk away seeing yourself and other people in a different light and be able to use the feedback of the assessment to transform the way you get on with people.

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The coaching impact


During the course of our sessions, my mind was opened to new ways of thinking and new ways of looking at my own unique situation.

Chris | Procurement Head

Other Interventions

Team effectiveness

These sessions the form of a group facilitation where the team explore how they want to work going forward as a team and with others in the organisation.

This is a powerful group interaction that uses Transactional Analysis and Emotional Intelligence as a basis to navigate a way forward. 

The team must have completed the ‘Cultivating Relationships’ course prior to the session.

SALES and Service 

This training uses ReadyPeople's tried and tested courses to improve revenue generation and retention.


We use practical examples, call recordings and QA interventions to improve the sales and service environments.

QA Calibration

Often QA can feel like a noose around an agent's neck. Scoring is scary, and marking customer service can feel qualitative.


We assist in QA scorecard calibration to make sure everything we have trained and coached is left behind in a way that can remain embedded in the culture of the business.


Coaching, whilst a great support for driving focus for key individuals sometimes just doesn't cut the mustard in helping to embed culture change all by itself.

We specialise in courses focusing on human-to-human connection. Our courses build better teams on a foundation of better connections.