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We've worked in large corporates and small businesses, and in each of the focus groups and assessments we run, we encounter employees complaining about the same thing. And this is across tiers – from leaders to people on the ground. 


The biggest complaint: Communication.


Our change interventions focus on empathy, human connection, mutual respect and, most importantly, communication.

If you want to know what gets us out of bed every morning, it’s our commitment to changing the way people work together.

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ReadyPeople is a consulting agency focused on the real driver of change in your organisation – the way your people work together towards fulfilling the strategy of your business.

Using tried and tested learning experiences, and on-the-ground assessments, we design and deliver people-centred solutions that drive business results.

Our change interventions focus on empathy, human connection, mutual respect and communication.


We train and coach people to work with their internal and external customers effectively, and to build results-driven relationships and decision-making capabilities within the organisation.  


  • We help leaders build results-focused relationships with their colleagues and clients. 

  • We help teams collaborate more effectively by teaching them the skills they need for good teamwork, collaboration, communication and leadership. 

  • And in doing this, we help individuals build better business relationships with clients and colleagues to improve sales, retention of customers and customer service.

We can help you if:


  • You want strategic input into the problem areas identified in your business through training and coaching solutions, employee experience and customer experience strategies, and management consulting

  • You want to assess the levels of employee engagement within your company, and strategise how to respond to the results

  • You're a leader who wants to improve their skills and relationship-building capacity to get better results for your business

  • You want your staff to improve their human-to-human connection and interactions

  • You want your employees to be more engaged

  • You want your managers to lead their teams more effectively


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