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Our range of team dynamics courses

Cultivating Relationships That Get Results

Image by Brooke Cagle

Dr Marcia Reynolds says that “the most powerful

catalyst for inspiring creative breakthroughs and

translating those breakthroughs into sustainable

innovations is to connect with other people first,

before trying to solve a problem.”

People with mindful relationships do great work together. Like any skill, relationships require work. By improving your team dynamics, you strengthen your culture and improve engagement.

The quality of our actions is ultimately determined by the quality of our relationships.


If we want to be effective or manage change well in an organisation, we must build healthy and informed relationships, where responses are considered.

In this four-hour session, we explore how to cultivate relationships more effectively so that our businesses can thrive, innovate, problem-solve and deliver quality results.

Using a psychological theory called Transactional Analysis, we will explore how you can be more build healthy, collaborative relationships.

Managing Relationships with Emotional Intelligence

In this training, we help you to learn the skills needed to navigate the business terrain with stronger resolve and a mindset of growth and expansion while improving relationships.

Being in the business world isn't easy. You're expected to leave your emotions at the door, get on with the job, and do it as quickly as possible. This is impossible, so how do we make our emotions work with us and for us?


People with high emotional intelligence can manage their impulses, communicate with others effectively, manage change well, solve problems, and build rapport in tense situations. They also have empathy, remain optimistic despite adversity, and are gifted at leading, educating and persuading, and resolving customer complaints in a customer service role.

In this training, we deal with conflict resolution, self-management and empathy.

Image by Clay Banks
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