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Clive Vanderwagen is a seasoned trainer, facilitator, speaker, and coach. He is passionate about helping people to be more effective.


Clive is an internationally accredited Coach, a certified Enneagram Coach (Inner Life Skills) and has completed Advanced Transactional Analysis – Applied Psychology for Coaches (TA Matters) training. He has spoken on numerous platforms and is a TEDx speaker.


He uses Transactional Analysis (TA) and Emotional Intelligence to help leaders and their teams respond consciously to situations they face, whether with customers or internal stakeholders. TA is a modality that focuses on the psychology of human relationships and is an operating system for human interactions. Clive has used TA powerfully in his training sessions to show how positive behaviour change can be achieved within organisations and with customers alike.


He uses reflective coaching tools to delve into the blind spots that may be unconscious to the participant and co-create a space where solutions can be found, and attitudes can shift.


Clive believes that relationships are at the core of any business and understanding how to build better relationships will ultimately lead to better results. Clive's training programmes help clients manage emotions, work more effectively together, and create a more engaged environment.

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