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Your Customer Experience Sucks Because Your Employees Aren't On Board

Want better customer experience?

It starts with your employee experience.

The daily experience of your employees and the quality of experiences delivered to customers are closely linked.

However, many companies are still building their vision without ensuring that their employees are adequately supported in delivering against that ambition.

This leads to a lack of confidence among employees, with research showing over half of them not believing their company properly enables them to deliver a good customer experience.

To transform your culture and create a customer-centric approach, it's crucial to start by identifying whether the employee journey is supporting your CX vision.

Just like understanding the customer journey is vital for good customer experience, understanding how the employee experience can support that journey is equally important.

To achieve this, it's important to answer this fundamental question: What are your employees doing, thinking, and feeling as they try to deliver in critical moments of the customer experience?

Balancing your organisation's focus on understanding your customers' needs and ensuring that your employees have what they need to deliver on the CX vision is key.

When employees feel empowered and understand their role in delivering successful CX, they are more likely to deliver better experiences for customers.

In addition, you must communicate what successful CX means to your organization and within the context of their role.

Providing clear guidance and training can help your employees to understand how their actions contribute to the overall customer experience and lead to more significant buy-in from them.

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